Dear Marina Abramovic

Dear Marina Abramovic,

My grandfather's name is Milosav Jajich.

We are one of only two families in the United States with the last name.  I am told the

name means, egg seller and that there was a village called, Jajich (or some

derivation of) many years ago.

In 1998 just before the NATO bombing, I stayed in The Hotel Excelsior in Belgrade.

This was before the hotel got a facelift.  At the time it was a decaying Soviet era treasure.

Every day we walked to Pioneer Park to eat hamburgers stained red with beet juice.

I remember the young people  who spoke of freedom.

Chickens hanging in steamy windows.

January's chill.

What are your impressions of America? 

 I read today that Kayne West advised Kim Kardashion to dress like you.

She is the product of reality television and you are the daughter of revolution.